OneByte Ltd. is a professional Internet agency. It provides flexible e-business solutions for SMEs in German-speaking. The focus is on corporate websites, CMS and SEO. To strengthen our team and for processing a large project we are  looking for or by arrangement a  programmers in ColdFusion and Java Script Framework Prototype.

You realize, and updates the Web sites and program complex web applications for our Customers. Here you work with the defaults from the past and puts them together with our Developer team. A deep understanding of the needs of the client forms the basis of your Work.

Your responsibilities

  • Internet Just manipulating graphics and images (Photoshop, Fireworks)
  • Create and update websites in XHTML / CSS (Dreamweaver)
  • Programming of complex web applications in ColdFusion and Prototype
  • Phone, mail and personal contact with the customer during the project phase

Our requirements

  • Very good knowledge of Photoshop and / or Fireworks as well as XHTML and CSS
  • Very good knowledge of ColdFusion and SQL
  • Very good knowledge of JavaScript Framework Prototype
  • Good knowledge of German and basic knowledge of English
  • 25 to 35 years young, open to change

You are independent, responsible and resilient. You bring your expertise in programming Web sites and Web applications, your way of working is very implementation-oriented and accurate. You are interested in the rapid development of the Internet and bring ideas and proposals in a development team.

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