Zen Planner (www.zenplanner.com) is a tiny startup with an amazing technology that’s beating the pants off of our larger competition. Our niche CRM/ERP system is built on 100% CFML, and serves hundreds of small businesses and tens of thousands of users.

We have an immediate need for someone who can pick up and run with some essential projects that will bring on more customers. You’ll help us to expand and enhance our platform, focusing on a solid and secure architecture that will scale up BIG TIME.

You’ll work from home, so the commute will be great. You should be available by phone or Skype to work through project details, when necessary. It’s important that you’re an awesome, self-directed developer who can be a technical lead and can see complex projects through to the end.

Solid experience in the following areas are a MUST:

  • Consumer facing web applications
  • ColdFusion
  • Object Oriented Development using CFCs
  • AJAX and Javascript libraries (DojoToolkit is preferred, but jQuery will do)
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Here is the link.

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