AMS is the leader in the Martial Arts Industry delivering the best in software and services for over 25 years.  AMS is looking for a software developer who wants to be a part of a team to deliver products that makes a difference.  You will design, code and deploy new features and maintain current features for our web based applications as well as provide coding support for our web sites.

RequirementsWe are using ColdFusion 8, Flex 3 and MSSQL as the primary technologies along with the standard web based technologies.   Our applications rely heavily on remoting and component based architecture.  We use SVN for our software management tool.  We are creating new technologies all the time so you could be a part of something new and exciting. 

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has ColdFusion and SQL experience, some Flex experience would be a plus!
  • Enjoys using technology to create effective solutions
  • Has the perfect blend of technical and people skills
  • Works well with others and maintains a positive attitude
  • Can take verbal requirements turn them into working products
  • Can be productive on their own as well as with a team
  • Possess the “Whatever it Takes” approach to insure a successful project delivery

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