I was so upset today when I passed through a toll booth and noticed that the price was increased from $0.75 to $1, that I decided to explode my protest by blogging about it.

If you watch TV or read the news, you get a notion that the Government is trying to find a solution for the crisis, but I cannot understand how, if everything is going up, with the knowledge and authorization from them.

Here in my city, I read that the local government authorized the power and light companies to raise their rates because people were saving, using less energy, and then it turned out that the companies were making less money. So they authorized the raise, causing my eletric bill being higher than last months when I spent more energy. So I am consuming less and paying more.

I don’t smoke, but my wife does. Her cigarette pack went from $2.75 to $4.95 plus tax.¬†Property taxes went up. Toll went up. Gasoline went up. Everything is going up. My salary is frozen since last year. I did not receive my annual adjustment. Thanks God I still have a job!.

So please, stop hypocrisy, don’t try to make me believe they want to fix it. If they wanted, they would have frozen at least what they have control. I’m talking about all sorts of government, federal, state and municipal.¬†

Since this is a technical blog, I apologize for my explosion !! Let’s keep the hope things will get better and pray for not having booze going up too.

7 thoughts on “Government Does Not Help With the Crisis

  1. Ricardo, we all feel the pain. My state had a VERY severe drought a few years back and had the same problem with conservation + utility rates/revenue.

    The crux of a utilities problem is they plan their operations/staff based on revenue to service debt, repair, maintain and sometimes expand. When folks go into conservation mode it really puts their budgets in a bind. They can’t cut their debt service, they can’t cut maintenance, they can’t take pipe out of the ground that they’ve laid, they can’t not spending money hooking up that new neighborhood, they still have to pay all their employees. The result is often an increase in rates.

    The rest of your rant is spot on, just cut the utilities a break, they are in a no win situation.

  2. @Another Jeff
    Well, looking at your perspective, I have to agree with you. I only hope that, when the crisis finishes, and we start spending more energy, they shall reduce their rates back. Thanks for expressing your opinion and enlightening me.

  3. Government is usually the problem… rarely the solution. I can’t think of one thing they do well other than steal the money that hard working people make and piss it away for their personal benefit. These days they have moved on to stealing money from children who haven’t been born yet. It’s sad.. and time to vote them all out of office.

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