Fellow Developers:

I decided to stop publishing job offers on this blog due to several complains from developers that do not need a job and also some of the replicators also complained to the amount of job postings I’m sending in my RSS feed.

So, I created another blog for the ColdFusion Developers Network and changed the name of this blog to Ricardo Parente’s Blog, where I will post only MeetUp news and technical articles as well as tutorials. Botton line is, I’m keeping this blog more personnal.

Please go to http://blog.cfdevelopers.net to check for job offers.

Thanks for your support.

2 thoughts on “New ColdFusion Job Site

  1. @al
    I’m not. You may check this blog an you’ll see that there are no more job postings.
    Unless Ray is feeding the new blog, I didn’t ask for it.
    I’ll check with him.

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