If you’re not following the Adobe CF team blog, you may have missed the announcement there today of the newest version of CF, ColdFusion 2016. More on the name in a moment.

And while that Adobe blog post mentions a few of the main new features, as is nearly always the case it leaves out many other new features which may interest folks. It also doesn’t point to resources to learn more. I do those things here in this post.

What’s in a name?

First, let’s talk about the name of the new release, formerly code-named Raijin. Adobe did not follow the convention of the past 20 years, naming it ColdFusion 12, or what we’d all call CF12, but instead they’ve switched to dated names, as in ColdFusion 2016, or what they formally are naming it, “ColdFusion (2016 release)”, or what we’ll all likely call it: CF2016. I’m not sure I like this new nomenclature, for a number of reasons, but I suppose time will tell how it goes.

What’s new? The main features

Again, the CF team blog post highlights 4 primary new features (with a paragraph on each):

  • Security Code Analyzer
  • Performance improvements
  • PDF improvements
  • API Manager

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