What made you want to speak at SotR13?

I had attended SotR in London a few years back and it was an incredible experience. I got to share with Matt and Andy and became really good friends with them. Their work on the conferences has been incredible, so having a chance to support the conference in any way is a priority for us at Ortus Solutions.

What does the web / development mean to you?

It has really been part of me since I was 9 years old. My parents gave me a Texas Instrument TI-84 and a programming in basic book back in 1986. I was completely excited about it and by day 2 I had a tic-tac-toe game built and running. Development and engineering has really been part of my core since very little. Both my parents are chemical engineers, so I was always exposed to problem solving, hard work and engineering principles. Working in ColdFusion for the past 13 years has been an incredible experience to see how the language and community has evolved over the years. However, I have never been so excited about ColdFusion until now. It seems there is fire in all burners now from all vendors and it is excited to finally see competition, innovation and also ability to deploy CFML applications anywhere now.

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