By Charlie Arehart

Several weeks ago, I did an entry, CF911: Why/when you MUST update the web server connector for #ColdFusion 10, and may have missed it.

In this entry, I want to throw in another reason why it’s important to make sure you properly update (reconfigure/rebuild/upgrade) your web server connector after applying certain CF10 updates, or if applying only the latest update for the first time to a newly installed CF10 instance.

It could help fix CFML that seems “broken”

There are some fixes addressed in various updates with respect to how your CFML may work, which are affected by the connector updates. The problem is that while the “fix” may be reported as being implemented by a given CF10 “update”, if you do that “update” but then do NOT also reconfigure/rebuild/update the web server connector as may have been required by that CF10 “update”, then you will not get some of the benefits of that “update”.

I discuss in the last entry how this is a problem especially if you are skipping updates (or applying the latest one for the first time on a new CF10 install). You will be getting all the previous updates, and one (or more) of them may have required that you reconfigure/rebuild/upgrade the web server connector. The CF10 “update” lets you know that in the update page shown on the “server updates” page of the CF admin, but many people miss that and never bother with the web server connector reconfigure/rebuild/upgrade. See the previous entry for more on that tale of woe.

(And I explain in the other entry why I refer to the process as a need to “reconfigure/rebuild/upgrade” the web server connector, as well as how to do it, of course.)

The point here is to stress yet another reason (a few, in fact) that you want to reconfigure/rebuild/upgrade your web server connector, if the current or previous CF10 “updates” had said you should.

Read Charlie’s entire article here.

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