Today in New York, T-Mobile introduced the first cell phone to use Google’s Android O.S., and announced the sales starting October in the U.S. for about $180. The data plan starts at $25 and includes free Gmail account, and comes with Google Maps. The phone includes 3G and Wi-Fi access, a 3Mp camera and an accelerometer.
Well, I have been using T-mobile for a very long time and I’m very satisfied with their services, that’s why I have not bought an iPhone yet. Now I have no more excuses to jump on the band-wagon of the 3G access. Here are some pictures and the link to an article.
T-Mobile G3 Photo 1T-Mobile G3 Photo 2T-Mobile G3 Photo 3T-Mobile G3 Photo 4T-Mobile G3 Photo 5

3 thoughts on “T-Mobile Introduces the G1, First Google Android Phone

  1. I am very excited about the features of this phone, and any other android phones that come to market. It will be interesting to watch how this sells compared to the iPhone, which in my opinion is very buggy and over priced. If nothing else, the fact that the OS is open for anybody to develop for should be a big seller (how many cool iPhone apps are there out there that Apple keeps off the iPhone?).

  2. Hello Ricardo, we will get Google Android G1 in Germany in spring 2009. Is it true that you need to save images, music and files at extern memory card? Is it true that you only can save at most 192 MByte in intern memory card?

    I just bought Nokia N96 16GB without contract.

    G1 looks fancy.
    Is there any good mobile phone, where you can install your own Adroid Version?

    Greetings from Germany.

  3. Hello MoonWeaver, sorry I don’t know anything yet about the Android G1. I will buy it for Christmas, then I’ll be able to tell you. How was WeeDram ? Call me in PVT.

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