Just over a year ago, the Open CFML Foundation was launched with a focus on the fact that Open Source CFML is a vital part of the CFML ecosystem and as such, it deserves an advocate beyond the developers and organizations that rely on CFML and the solutions built on it. We wanted to share with the greater web community a side of CFML most aren’t familiar with, and trumpet all the benefits open source CFML has to offer.

We got off to what we felt was a great start — we created a small board (to make decision-making as easy as possible), we enlisted projects we felt help told the OS CFML story well, we engaged Joel Kinney of Fort Point Legal (jQuery Foundation) to help with the legal formation of the foundation, we incorporated and set up bank accounts, we created a website and newsletter, we made our first foray outside of the CFML community (CMS Expo), and we sponsored and hosted our first events (Open Gov Day in Washington D.C., MuraCon).

Unfortunately, shortly after launch, all but a few of the original participants left to pursue other interests. And as result, the remaining members were forced, in many ways, to start over. So we did just that.

At Open Gov Day and MuraCon 2012, we met with people who didn’t just love OS CFML, we met with people who have a vested interest in the success and longevity of OS CFML. We shared with them our passion and determination to see it thrive, and convinced them to be a part of a reformed Open CFML Foundation. Fortunately, they all accepted : ).

So, it is with great pleasure that we’d like to announce the new Open CFML Foundation board and our plans for the next year.

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